When is Diwali 2017?

Diwali is a traditional Indian festival that is known as “Festival of Lights”. It is celebrated every year with great joy and enthusiasm throughout the length and breadth of the country. The uniqueness of this festival is the five varied philosophies with each day of special thoughts and ideal.

The Deepavali observes on the new moon night (the darkest night of the year) or Amavasya in the month of Kartika according to Hindu Lunar calendar or in between the month of October and November. This year Diwali is on Thursday, 19th October, 2017.

Diwali is a five day long celebration consisting of various festivals. Important Diwali dates for 2017 are given below:

  • 17th October 2017: Dhanteras or Dhana Trayodashi
  • 18th October 2017: Choti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdashi or Kali Chaudas
  • 19th October 2017: Main Diwali or Lakshmi Puja
  • 20th October 2017: Govardhan Puja, Padwa or Balipratipada
  • 21st October 2017: Bhai Dooj or Bhai Tika or Bhau Beej

Diwali Prayers

Asato ma sat gamaya | (असतो मा सद्गमय ।)
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya | (तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।)
Mṛtyor ma amṛtam gamaya | (मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।)
Om shanti shanti shantihi || (ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥)

Traditions of Diwali

Diwali is also Known as Deepavali where deep means ‘light’ and avali means ‘rows’ it means the ‘rows of lights’.

Before Diwali people clean, wash and decorates their house and on the day of Diwali people wear new clothes, make new dishes, desserts and pray to goddess Laxmi to shower wealth and prosperity.

Woman makes Rangoli and Alpana at homes for welcoming goddess Laxmi as it is believed that Laxmi only goes to clean places.

And there is one more important tradition of the festival is fireworks. But we must avoid fireworks and bursting crackers to avoid pollution and have ourselves safe against casualty. We must understand Deepavali translates to the festival of lights not sound.

Gabling is also a tradition. Many people play indulge in gambling and playing cards on Diwali night.

Another special and important tradition of the festival is gifts exchanging with near and dear ones, Diwali is high time for shopping as we all need to buy Diwali essentials, Diwali decorations, Diwali gifts etc. Near and far people use to send Diwali gifts to India and abroad online for their loved ones. And the tradition has become today’s trend.

Diwali Celebration

On the day of Diwali every house, temples, offices and shops can be seen decorated with the rows of lighted earthen lamps and the day is known as festival of lights. On this day people worship goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha as goddess Laxmi will shower wealth and prosperity in life and Lord Ganesh will bless with knowledge and good luck. Aarti and Bhajans are performed during worshipping and then people go to temples for worshipping other gods. In some parts of India the day is known as Kali Puja and they worship Maa Kali on this day.

Then they lit candles and oil lamps at home like at balcony’s edges, over windows’ edges, stairs and many other places. It is believed that lighting diyas and candles every nook and corner of the house is the symbol of the victory of knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness.

After illuminating the house mans and kids of the house go to outside the home and burst firecrackers and celebrate the festival. The light brightens the night which is the darkest night of the year and sound of crackers chases away the evil as the day remarks the victory of good over evil.

How Diwali is celebrated in India

India is the only country in the world where the maximum number of religions is practiced. The nation respects all the religion because it is a secular country. The best example to justify this is the festivals that are rejoiced in the country. Due to people of different religious beliefs in India there are many different festivals. Yes, these are religion specific festivals but there are no clear signs that could make them specific to it. Festivals are the heart and soul of Indian culture. They are the identity of its tradition.

Talking about the most famous days of celebrations in India, then Diwali is one amongst the widely celebrated day in India. Diwali the festival of lights is a celebration that makes the whole country delighted. It is a moment that brings heart closer, and give people reason to be together again. The five day long celebration of diwali starts at Dhanteras and termination of the festival is Bhaiya Dooj. If you are fascinated about the grand festivity of diwali then we will let you know this in three simple steps.

Pre Diwali Preparation: Diwali is the most awaited festival in the word. The day is known for brightness of light all around. It is a firm belief that goddess Laxmi visit every home in the night of diwali. For this reason people clean their homes to the best so that goddess Laxmi may stay in their place forever. Pre diwali preparation includes cleaning of house and buying essentials for the day. At least a month time is required to make it happen in a successful manner.

Diwali Pooja: The religious festival of diwali is mainly dependent on the pooja of the day. On the day of festival worshipping goddess Laxmi is the main obligation. Preparation for pooja is something that people do with their open hearts. Evening time is fixed for praying goddess and welcoming her in homes. To let prosperity enter in their homes people lit their home with lights, candles and earthen diyas.

Gifts: This is the third and the most important part of diwali. The festival of lights is known for the biggest reason and it is gifts which are exchanged to win everyone’s heart. People manage to get adequate gifts for their loved ones for diwali. In fact if they are away and are unable to meet their loved ones they send diwali gifts online.

So, these are the three most important steps of diwali celebration. Without these three things a happy and prosperous diwali cannot be enjoyed. As the best of the festival comes with loved ones, you can also enjoy the festival with them even if you are away. Online diwali gifts are the best medium through which you can convey your wishes to loved ones.