Diwali Essentials

There is certainly no doubt in this that India is a land of fairs and festivals. In fact festivals are considered to be the identity of the country’s culture. The best thing about the festive celebrations in India is there is no religion bond to celebrate festivals in the country. In fact there are many festivals that are not religion specific and hence became secular celebrations. One of such greatest day of celebration in India is the festival of lights Diwali. The famous festival is celebrated in the month of Kartika as per Hindu calendar which is near to October or November as per Georgian calendar.

The dark moon lunar phase of the holy month is observed as the night of Diwali. Preparation of Diwali goes on to the longest and it is because of the belief that goddess Laxmi visits every home on the day. So, to welcome goddess in every home people clean each and every corner of their house. A special prayer is offered to the goddess of wealth, which is believed to impress her. It is the pooja of diwali which is essential for the festival. As it is a very special offering to goddess Laxmi therefore special things are required to complete the rituals. If you also want to make goddess Laxmi stay in your place forever this diwali then here we are mentioning three essentials that you will need for diwali pooja.

Laxmi and Ganesha Idol: There is no significance of diwali pooja without the idol of figurine of goddess Laxmi and ganesha. The pooja is significantly for welcoming goddess to home, hence a new and beautiful figurine is the prime essential for the day. Terracotta idol, gold idol, silver idol, porcelain idol are few of the materials of Laxmi ganesha idol that are accepted for the religious offering. Going for brass idol of Laxmi and ganesha is also a finest choice.

Pooja Thali: Like the idol of Laxmi and ganesha are required for pooja so as the requirement of a well-managed pooja platter for the religious offering. Though the one available at home can sort out your problem, but getting a brand new well decorated pooja thali is highly appreciable. If you are looking for a premium choice in this then silver plated pooja thali is just a wonderful choice.

Sweet, Dryfruits and Flowers: Like no other religious offering of Hindus is complete without sweets, dryfruits and flowers, the same is the requirement for diwali pooja. These three are the main elements that are offered to goddess Laxmi and ganesha and diwali pooja is not at all possible with these three things.

As these three are the main elements of the religious offerings for diwali, you can present these essentials to your loved ones on the festival because nothing can be better than this. To cater the special relation with your loved ones, you can buy and send diwali gifts online and strengthen the bond of relationship with your near and dear ones.