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Red, Green and Golden Beads Bandarwal for Diwali Decoration

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Golden Elephant Motif Door Hanging Diwali Decoration

Golden Elephant Motif Door H...

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Shankh and Beads Rajasthani Door Hanging for Diwali Decoration

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Shubh Labh Door Hanging for Diwali Decoration

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Yellow and Green Flower Door Hanging for Diwali Decoration

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Premium Silver Color Toran with Pearl and Beads for Diwali Decoration

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Alluring Red Strip Door Hanging for Diwali Decoration

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Shubh Ganesha Pearl Toran for Diwali Decoration

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Enthralling Red Stripe Bandarwal for Diwali Decoration

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Auspicious Mango Leaf Toran with Ganesha Motif for Diwali Decoration

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Enchanting Bells and Elephant Motif Toran for Diwali Decoration

Enchanting Bells and Elephan...

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Silver Beads Bandarwal for Diwali Decoration

Silver Beads Bandarwal for D...

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Multicolor Beads and Elephant Motif Toran for Diwali Decoration

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Pearls and Golden Beads Exclusive Latkan for Diwali Decoration

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Diwali Toran and Bandarwal

Attaching Positivity in Doors with Pious Diwali Toran and Bandarwal

Hindu custom and religion is considered to be the most interesting one in the whole world. The various beautiful festivals celebrated in India make India a globally recognized nation. One of such popular days of celebration in India is Diwali the famous festival of Hindus which is celebrated with great zest and zeal by the complete nation. Yes, there is no doubt in this that Diwali is a popular Hindu festival but the complete nation celebrates it as their day of celebration and it is because of the beautiful rituals and the custom of the festive celebration. Diwali is the best time of the year when one can express his love, affection and care to loved ones.

Popularly known as the festival of lights, this is the time to illuminate the inner soul and to celebrate the great day of love, togetherness and prosperity with the near and dear one. The festival of Diwali is actually a very prominent celebration and all the rituals of the day are equally important for it. Diwali is the time for refreshment. It is the moment to rejuvenate self and to get the best memories that could be cherished all year long. Diwali is known for many things like lights, decoration, gifts, foods and most importantly the customs of the festival.

Customs of Diwali are always the prime factor that always makes it the prominent day of celebration. Making the festive occasion of Diwali full of life and memories people do follow the customs of the day in the best manner. Diwali decoration is the essential part of the festival celebration and one needs to follow the custom for decoration too on the day.

As we have already mentioned it above very clearly that, traditions of the festival need to be followed to celebrate the day in the best manner and following the same, people keep in accordance with the custom of the festival as well. One of the most important aspects of Diwali is decoration. Decorating home and surrounding on the occasion of Diwali is always necessary and this is well carried through the traditional means of decoration.

When considering Diwali special decoration then doors and the other entrances of home are always special for the special day. Making these places attractive and pious lures the positive energies. As we have already mentioned it earlier that doors are prominent place of decoration for Diwali and this is why the special pious threads are used to beautify this entrance of the house and that well decorated thread is called as Toran or Bandarwal. There is much significance of Toran in the Hindu religion.

As per the Hindu mythology it is believed that the head of every person entering the home should touch the holy leaves of Toran so that the negative energies may repel and only the positivity may enter inside the home. In almost every important festive celebration in India it is a custom to decorate home with Toran. Whenever there is a religious offering the presence of Toran on the entrance of home can be noticed.

Best Place to Buy Toran and Bandarwal Online

We have already mentioned it above that Toran is the most essential part of festive decoration for Diwali. And it is the significance of Toran only that people have to get it at their home for completing the rituals of the day. Toran is a chain of leaves which is tied through the holy thread of Mauli. The pious leaves like Mango, Pipal are placed in this chain. These are aromatic and at the meantime also repel the mosquitoes from entering inside the house. So, if you consider the scientific and religious significance of Toran then we would find that it makes the most essential part of Diwali festive celebration. Other than Toran there is one another thing which is known as Bandarwal.

This is again an accessory for doors which is basically used in the festival of lights. Ornamented with flowers and leaves Bandarwal makes the most beautiful presence in the festive occasion of Diwali. With the two important things the festive rituals of Diwali gets its original meaning which is to repel the negativity and to let the positivity enter inside the house. The custom of Diwali festival says that hanging Toran and Bandarwal in the house entrance is the mandatory ritual of the festival.

As natural leaves would not live for a longer time and in the big cities it is also very difficult to approach natural leaves for Toran and Bandarwal hence people go with artificial leaves Toran and Bandarwal. For all the busy shoppers of Diwali buying Toran and Bandarwal online is now possible here. This is the trusted destination where you all can get the attractive range of Toran and Bandarwal to make the festive customs of Diwali possible for you in the best manner.

Buy or Send Toran and Bandarwal Online to India and Worldwide

We have already mentioned above the significance of festive decoration on Diwali. Toran and Bandarwal show the most important presence on the day. As the festival of Diwali is for celebrating the mirth and merriment together hence people tend to present Diwali decoration items as gift to their loved ones too. For the people who want to present Diwali special Toran and Bandarwal online, they can find the best choices in the same right here with us.

We have the vast variety of Diwali special Toran and beautiful collection of handcrafted Bandarwal for Diwali as well. All these products are available for free delivery. Those who want to decorate their home with our special range of Toran and Bandarwal they can place there order with us. We provide free shipping in India and also outside the country premises. Send Diwali gifts online to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and all around the word right here with us without any hesitation. We would always provide the best deal in the industry to all the online Diwali shoppers for sure.