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T Lights Floating Diyas for Diwali (Set of 10)

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Tealight Candles with Holders for Diwali

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Rangoli Diyas - Set of 6 Tealight Candles with Holders

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Set of 5 Decorative Earthen Diyas for Diwali

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Set of 5 Diwali Decorative Diyas

Set of 5 Diwali Decorative D...

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Set of 5 Earthen Diwali Diyas

Set of 5 Earthen Diwali Diya...

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Set of 5 Diwali Decoration Diyas

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Set of 5 Designer Diwali Diyas

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Set of 5 Decorative Diwali Diyas

Set of 5 Decorative Diwali D...

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Set of 5 Earthen Diyas for Diwali

Set of 5 Earthen Diyas for D...

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Decorative Multicolor Diwali Diyas Set of 7

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Diwali Diya

Enlightening the Festival of Lights with Special Diwali Diyas

The festival of lights Diwali is meaningless without the illuminating diyas. Diwali is the much awaited festival which is celebrated with great pomp and show in India and also around the world by the people of Hindu religion. Diwali is the celebration of victory of truth over evil. It is the day to illuminate the light of positivity within one’s self and light up the life with positive thoughts and positive vibrations too. Considering the most important things for the festive celebration then Diwali Diya comes in the top position for everything. Diwali is celebrated in the darkest night of the year and it is the diyas that makes it the brightest and the most happening event of the year.

Making the festival of Diwali even more prominent and special for the people there are replacements of diyas too but nothing can replace the ethnicity and the festive touch of diyas in the festival of lights. Considering the literal meaning of Deepavali then it is made from two Hindi words, Deep that means Diya and Avali means row. Hence, the collective meaning of Deepavali comes out to be the row of diyas or the row of lights. Making the festival of Diwali the most precious moment of the year is only possible with the thousands of illuminating diyas in and around.

India is a land well known for its customs and rituals. The festivals of India have helped a lot the country to attain a global recognition. One of the most prominent days of celebration in Diwali is nothing but Diwali. The festival is marked with utter joy and happiness. The significance of Diwali Diya in the festival is just like the importance of oxygen for life. As already mentioned earlier that the festival is marked in the darkest day of the year and it is the presence of thousands of diyas only that makes it the brightest night of the year. Diwali diyas are the heart and soul of the festival. As people use these diyas to illuminate the darkness from their home, it is also considered to be an ideal gift of the day to loved ones. People send diyas to their friends, families as a token of love and remembrance on the very special day of the year.

Wide Range of Colorful Diyas Available Here

So, what basically a Diya is? Diya is an earthen small pot that has to be filled with oil or ghee and by the help of a strip of cotton and oil, light is generated. As it is made from mud hence considered to be pure and virgin. For the festive celebration of Diwali, the presence of diya is must as it makes the offering pure and divine. Considering the significance of diya in the festival of Diwali there are many variants, designs and shapes of diyas now available. These all beautiful designs in diyas are perfectly making the festival of lights even more special.

In the earlier times it was only the traditional brown mud diyas that were used for the festival decoration, but in context with the modernity in celebration everything is changed now. People do consider going with the colorful and designer diyas because these include much more to the interiors of home on the festive night of Diwali. Mentioned earlier only the day is meant to celebrate happiness, joy, wealth and prosperity with loved ones and gifting goes as one amongst the popular trend of the day; hence people do consider to present diyas as a gift of Diwali to their loved ones.

Giving diya on Diwali is also a custom of the festival as it signifies that the presenter is wishing that all the darkness should be removed from the receiver’s life. On the occasion of Diwali people not only present diyas as gift to the near ones but far away loved ones are also cheered through special Diwali diyas. With the trend of online gifting and online shopping, sending diya online on Diwali has also become one of the popular cultures of the festival. To consider this requirement of people, here is the place from where you can send Diwali diyas to your loved ones who are residing far away from you.

You can always get the best option and the best opportunity here because we have the most astonishing designs of diyas and along with this we also offer free shipping and delivery services all around the world. Wide range of colorful diyas and free delivery, what else you would need more than this on the festive occasion of Diwali.

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Gifting is the essential part of the Diwali festival. Whether loved ones reside near or far, presenting gift to them on the occasion of the festival is much more necessary. To make the best of Diwali festival for everyone we are here with the best range of Diwali diyas. As diyas on Diwali festival marks the special presence hence we have the great Diwali gift hampers that mandatorily includes Diwali diyas. So, if you desire to send sweets on Diwali or Diwali dryfruit hamper or any other form of Diwali gift to your near and dear ones online, you can always find the way to club it with beautiful diyas.

Considering the significance of gifting and diyas on the occasion of Diwali we have come up with the most special and the most beautiful range of Diwali diyas just for you. You can send Diwali diya along with Diwali gift to USA, UK, Canada, UAE, New Zealand, Germany, etc. Along with this, we also offer services in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

Wherever be your loved ones residing, you will always find the best way to reach to them on the festive occasion of Diwali as we would be providing the best option to send Diwali diya online to them through us. Pick the adequate hamper and club it with diya to make it the best present for the occasion.