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Silver Plated Auspicious Laxmi Ganesh Idol

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24 K Gold Plated Leaf Ganesh Frame

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Silver Plated Bowls with Tray & Spoons

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Silver Frame Goddes Laxmi and Shri Yantra

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Silver Frame Laxmi and Lord Ganesh

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Gold n Silver Plated Laxmi Ganesh Idol

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Silver Plated Lord Ganesh Idol with Base

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Silver Plated Laxmi Ganesh Idol in Case

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Silver Plated Divine Envelope

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Gold Plated Bowls Set for festivals Gift

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Silver Foil Laxmi Ganesh Note with Envelope

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Silver Plated Bowls Set for Diwali and Dhanteras Gift

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Silver Foil Currency Note with Envelope

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Gold Plated Bowl for Dhanteras and Diwali Gift

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Silver Plated Bowl for Dhanteras and Diwali Gift

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Choti Diwali Gifts

One Destination to Buy Striking Choti Diwali Gifts

Diwali is not a day event, but it is a celebration that continues for a week. In the entire gala of love and happiness every day celebrated is significant and carries its own value as well. One very such prominent day of celebrations is Choti Diwali. In the northern part of India, it is called as Choti Diwali and southern part of India recognize the day as Narak Chaturdasi or Narak Chaudas. There are different reasons for the celebration of the day at these two different parts but one thing that remains common everywhere is the enthusiasm with which the day is being observed.

This day is significant because it marks the special celebration and gives a sign that the big day of the year is not far. The day is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and faith with which people celebrated Diwali. Like people consider Diwali as the time to present gifts, the same goes on with Choti Diwali as well. Particularly in the southern part of India, there is a custom of presenting special gifts going along with the theme of the day to loved ones. The ritual of this day is slightly different from the main Diwali.

On Choti Diwali people lit fewer candles and diyas and retain the enthusiasm for the next day. If you are in the search of striking and special Choti Diwali gifts then definitely no place could be more significant or more special for you like this one. This is going to be your one stop destination where you could find the best options for the special gifting. Depending on the theme of the day and your budget, at this most recognizable destination you will get the most alluring gifts and hampers for this very special day of Diwali.

Pick Choti Diwali Gifts from Our Plethora of Options

On this Choti Diwali, if you aim to mark your presence to your loved ones through a special range of gifts then here is the place where you would get it all. This is going to be your favorable destination that could provide you with the plethora of options that could be presented very well on the day. From traditional gifts to personalized gifts and from diyas to Dryfruits; at this very popular gifting destination, there would be no dearth of ideas to choose from and to have the most remarkable token of love for those who reside closer to your hearts.

Rituals of Choti Diwali or Narak Chaturdasi

It is the ritual of the day which makes it significantly different from Diwali, the main or the big day of celebration in the five days long festivity. As in south India the day is significantly important hence here we are mentioning the special ritual of celebration in this part. Early morning on this day, people wake up before the rising of the day for celebration. They make a paste by mixing oil and Kumkum. The red color of Kumkum symbolizes the blood of Demon Narkasur who was slaughtered by Lord Krishna.

They apply the mixture on their forehead as a blessing of Lord Krishna and after than they have oil bath by using sandalwood paste. Basically the day festival signifies burying the demon inside and washing the soul with purity. In Maharashtra also, there is a custom of taking oil bath. The only difference here is that people apply Uptan which is actually a paste made from gram floor and fragrant powders. Once people have oil bath then they celebrate the festivity by making vermicelli kheer and serve to family, friends and neighbors.

Tale behind Choti Diwali Celebration

The legend behind the day celebration is really very epic. The demon king of Pragiyotishpur which was a province of Sothern Nepal, Narkasur defeated Lord Indira and snatched earrings of Mother Goddess Aditi who was Lord Krishna’s wife relative and also the ruler of Suraloks. Also he imprisoned sixteen thousand daughters of the saints and gods and kept them all in his harem. Satyabhama angry over the act of Narkasur, she appealed Lord Krishna to let her kill the demon and free the imprisoned daughters.

As per the legendry stories Narkasur was cursed as he would be killed by a woman, hence Lord Krishna permitted Satyabhama to kill Narkasur. Krishna drove the chariot and Satyabhama entered the battlefield with the aim to kill Narkasur.  Lord Krishna as a part of his plan swooned for a while and granted his powers to Satyabhama to kill the demon Narkasur. She beheaded the demon and the women under his possession were imprisoned. A day before the holy day of Narak Chaturdasi, the demon king was killed because of Lord Krishna interventions and also the precious earrings of Aditi was recovered. Lord Krishna smeared his forehead with the blood of Narkasur.

On the early morning of Narak Chaudas Lord Krishna returned to home and the womenfolk there messaged him with scented oil and also bathed him nicely to wash away the blood of demon king. From that time, it has become a custom to bath with scented oil before the sunrise on the day before Diwali or on Narak Chaudas. This custom is followed mostly in Maharashtra and southern part of India as well. Bhudevi who was the mother of the demon king Narkasur said that the day of his son’s death should not be spend on mourning but one should rejoice the day. Since then Diwali is celebrated by people with great joy and enthusiasm.

The festival is still celebrated with the same rituals but there are some modifications that are introduced in the celebration. Now, people use to convey their wishes to their loved ones through special Choti Diwali gifts. This is going to be your favorable place where you would be blessed with a plethora of options for Choti Diwali gifts. Whether you want to send gifts within India or want to wish your loved ones residing abroad, in both the cases you can send gifts and goodies to them through us and at attractive discount.