Bhai Dooj

The last and final day of the Diwali festival is Bhai Dooj that is just another celebration of siblinghood and celebrated for the chaste bond of love shared between brothers and sisters like Raksha Bandhan. Bhaiya Dooj is a most prominent and legendary festivals in India. When sisters make a pray to God for their dearest brothers to get a long living and prosperous life. Sisters perform puja and tika ceremony as well as get return gifts from brothers. It is also called in India at various places as Bhau Beej (in the Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka), Bhai Tika (in Nepal), Bhathru Dwithiya, Bhau-Deej, Bhai Phota (in Bengal), and Ningol Chakuba (in Manipur).

In different parts of India it is celebrated with different names and rituals, In Bihar and Jharkhand it is celebrated in very different style like on this day sisters heap the choicest of curses on their brothers and then prick their tongue as a punishments and ask for the forgiveness to their brothers then brothers blesses his sister. She ties a raksha sutra that she makes by herself with a cotton and turmeric paste and for keeping her brother safe from any miseries and problems in life.

In west Bengal it is known as Bhai Phota and on this day sister keeps fast in morning until the traditional ceremonies are completed. They prepare the Tilak Thali for her brother with Roli, Chandan, ghee and kohl (kajal) and smears on his brother’s forehead to protect him from every problems of life. Similarly in different states it is celebrated with different rituals and customs.

Legends or History of Bhai Dooj

According to Hindu mythology god of death Yama had visited his sister’s Yamuna house where she had welcomed him by Aarti and Tilak ceremony and offer him garlands and sweets to eat and Yama also had given her gift in return of her love and affection. Yama was so happy on this day that he declares that every brother who will visit to his sister and offered with Aarti and Tilak on this day he would never be frightened that’s the day is also known as Yama Dwithiya.

Another story is related with Lord Krishna who had returned to his sister, Subhadra after killing Narakasura where she welcomed her with Aarti, Tilak, sweets and flowers.

When is Bhai Dooj 2017?

Bhai Dooj is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Indian people and is celebrated just after the two days of Diwali festival and is another festival of siblinghood. The festival is final day of Diwali festival that fall on the fifth day of Diwali celebration that is just after the Govardhan Puja and this year Bhai Dooj is falling on 21st October 2017.

Just like the other festive days of Diwali celebration Bhai Dooj also witness great gifts exchange. Siblings exchange gifts with each other as the significance of love and affection. No matter whether you live near or far from your beloved siblings you can make them feel special and happy on this occasion by sending Bhai Dooj gifts to India online or even abroad. you can even buy Diwali gifts online for your loved ones as Diwali is a high time for shopping you need to buy Diwali essentials, decorations and much more so you can prefer Diwali shopping online where you get huge varieties of gifts at best affordable and genuine rates with all the special facilities to send Diwali gifts to India online or abroad like free delivery charges, next day or same day gifts delivery to the length and breadth of the country.